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Finally, after a long several months, I'm releasing a new album, Klavierglück. This album, due to extensive personal problems and many issues I'm facing musically, is perhaps the last album I will release on Bandcamp. As far as length is concerted, it's of decent size, being about a minute shy of 50 minutes long in it's entirety (though that includes the organ transcription of the Kyrie, so it's really about 44 minutes long).

Klavierglück is primarily keyboard pieces, the only exceptions being the Kyrie, Wind Trio, Death-Macabre, and the chant "Redime Mei, Iesu". The rest are for piano, organ, and harpsichord. There is even an organ transcription of the Kyrie, which I can supply sheet music for on request (As is the case for any piece in the album).

The three true stars of this album are Death-Macabre, a symphonic poem written about my poem "Honour of the Duel" for pizzicato strings, the Partita in F, an energetic and brief partita for harpsichord, and the Femboy Sonata, my first sonata that is true as I can be to the Romantic and Classical form of the sonata.

It has been quite a journey from where I started, where I barely even knew how to run FL Studio, to now, where I learned through trial and error a manageable amount about music theory. It was June almost two years ago that I started, and now, I take a long, perhaps indefinite, hiatus, as I have reached as much a level of skill as I can by my own efforts.

I took the liberty of adding the MIDIs and PDFs for a few notable pieces, in case someone would ever like to do arrangements or transcriptions, or even performances. Whether or not you make money off of what you with them, I sincerely don't care.

And, on that note, I give a fond farewell to those few who kept tabs on me here. I appreciate your downloads, and laud and thank you for your withholding of money. You have come to know my works under many names, and I, V.S. Lockewood, who made all these works, bid farewell.

So long, God bless, and sempre fur.


released May 28, 2014



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Track Name: Kyrie
Kyrie Eleison (Repeated many times)
Christe Eleison (Repeated many times)
Kyrie Eleison (Repeated many times)
Track Name: Redime Mei, Iesu
Redime Mei, Iesu,
Antem ignem miseræ
Peccavi valde turpiter nunc.

Vixi per se vulnus,
Sed tu vivifica mei.
Ex sanctis clavi, venit gaudi!

Angeli, fac vos vide hoc?
Quod dolore sentio
Propter frigo cor?

Periit in Golgotha,
Erat quod sacra vita!
Namquod, Iesu, nunc ego clama.

Dimitte mei, Deus,
Fuerim violenti.
Placida bestiæ intra mei.

Redime Mei, Iesu,
Antem ignem miseræ
Peccavi valde turpiter nunc.

Vixi per se vulnus,
Sed tu vivifica mei.
Ex sanctis clavi, venit gaudi!